Pussy Willow Cattery

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Located on the side of the Severn Gorge at Jackfield, near Ironbridge within the World Heritage Centre area.  

We have a very quiet and secluded location in an area known for it’s natural beauty.

Pussy Willow Cattery offers luxury accommodation for pampered pets at a price which is more than comparable with other local catteries.

We are a small family run cattery with heated accommodation and runs - which are larger than usual and are more than comfortable and spacious for your cat.

Pussy Willow Cattery

We are more than happy to administer your pets medicines as required at no extra charge.

Unfortunately though we are unable to continue to provide our included medical pet insurance due to constantly increasing policy prices.

We also cater for small pets including Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Hamsters,all Cage Birds inc Budgies and Parrots.

Several local vets are happy to recommend us, and most of our customers have come to us by referral.

Telford Medical Cover

A full choice of food is offered to satisfy your pets' requirements.

We do not board dogs Only cats and small animals

“Pussy willow cattery provides the most wonderful holiday experience your animals could have.“